by Crime & Punishment

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Vocals - Amber
Guitar - Gen
Bass - Paul
Drums - Nick


released March 8, 2014

Recorded by Tyler Bradley in February 2014.




all rights reserved


Crime & Punishment Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Acquitted
Bullshit excuses
Who am I impressing
This is where I draw the line
This is where I draw the fucking line
I used to be worth something
Now I’m just like them
This is where I draw the line
This is where I draw the fucking line

Afraid of who I am
Deprived I cannot feel
Disparity is all I see
I’m tryna fix my apathy
Track Name: State of Pain
Call me a failure
Don’t tread on mine
Claim I’m a fraud
Say I’m not worth your time
I’m getting tired
Of you wasting your breath
When you have the bad rep

Why should I be afraid?
Everyone knows the truth
No one takes anything you say
At face value
Your words will be your noose
Track Name: Blinded Eyes
Blinded eyes
All they see is misery
Surrounded by hatred
The root of my anxiety
The clock keeps ticking
It keeps us from moving forward
Thins the herd
Superficial higher power

Why can’t you see?
Your ignorance is lost on me
You’ve reached your peak
Your ego is blinding me
When will you cease
Your pseudo tyranny
When will you break
And leave things as they be

Parading around
False voice of reason
Acting like judgment calls
Are all yours to make
Seeking perfection
When you’re powerless and fake
Gaze on me
The bane of your authority

Desperate to maintain hierarchy
Your reign of terror
I do not desire
Your words mean nothing
They don’t reinforce your higher power
Powerless and fake
Is what you’ll stay
Track Name: Law & Order
Nightmares consume my reality
Done dealing with society
Paranoia with a cause
Fear enforces the law
My back’s against the wall
My back’s against the wall
All hope is lost